Caden Marek was born on April 14th, 2010 @ 1:43. He weighed 5lbs15oz and was 18.3" in length.

Kaleb Marek was born on April 14th,2010 @1:45. He weighed 5lbs1oz and was 18" in length.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Long lost updates

Sorry we have not sent out any updates, life is wild! Here are a few pictures and updates:

Kaleb is 13 lb 4 oz and Caden is 12 lb 13 oz. They are the happiest, most amazing kids! All they do is smile and laugh. They started on ride cereal 2 weeks ago, but Kaleb did not do well with it, so only Caden gets it now. They started on peas last night, and Kaleb did better than Caden!

They go to the gym with Mommy and/or Daddy 5 days a week and play in the nursery. They enjoy it there. They also enjoy the nursery at our church on Sunday mornings!

Caden says hi and mimics stuff we say and do...Kaleb just laughs and tries to talk.

They sleep 10 hours a night and once we put them to bed, they put themselves to sleep. When they wake up in the morning, they play and babble to each other until Brandy comes in to get them. They don't scream or cry, just play and laugh.

Brandy is back to Salsa dancing and Racquetball all the time, but can't find anywhere to rock climb. Brandy also started a new job this week, so Justin stepped down to part time at work.

Caden's neck still hangs to the right, which is called torticollis. He starts physical therapy next week for that.

Caden went to the cardiologist last week to check on his heart. He goes again in 6 months, but the doctor wants Kaleb and Brandy to get checked out as well since it's hereditary. Justin got checked out 4 years ago since his dad had a heart problem, so we know Justin is good to go!

Things are great here! We miss you all!

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